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  • Introduction and application circuit of field effect transistor MOSFET

    Introduction and application circuit of field effect transistor MOSFET

    A MOSFET differs from a BJT in that a BJT requires current to be applied to the base pin so that it can flow between the collector and emitter pins. On the other hand, MOSFETs only need the voltage on the gate pin to allow current to flow between the drain and source pins. The MOSFET has a very high gate impedance in practical design, which determines a characteristic of the MOSFET, which is very good at reducing the power required for the operation of the circuit.

  • The Relationship Between Circuit Boards and Fuses

    The Relationship Between Circuit Boards and Fuses

    In this article, we will talk about the relationship between circuit boards and fuses, as well as their uses and characteristics. First, let's take a look at what a circuit board is and the definition of a fuse.

  • Why Are Circuit Board Green?

    Why Are Circuit Board Green?

    The circuit board has been widely used in the field of modern information technology and modern industrial production, which can make the circuit miniaturized and intuitive, and plays an important role in the batch production of fixed circuit and the optimization of electrical layout



    Some one might wonder if GPS trackers aren't very common. Where can it work? In fact, the reason you think GPS trackers are unusual is because you can't see where they are. So you don't pay attention.

  • Which material is PCB made of?

    Which material is PCB made of?

    What materials using to make the PCB in the circuit board factory?Also Different boards have different materials.

  • Which Vehicle Tracker is Best
  • School Bus Tracking PCB

    School Bus Tracking PCB

    The frequent occurrence of "school bus" accidents reflects the embarrassment that the school bus, a basic education facility, is still in a blank state in China. Therefore, our JY company engineers decided to work together on a school bus tracking PCB product.

  • Which car tracker is best

    Which car tracker is best

    We are a manufacture who has the experience more than 18 years. We also have the customers from more than 80 countries. of course, the products I introduced is also a normal projects for us. our company have a very professional team for each important projects. Thanks for all of reading. Do you know more about that? Are you have some difficult for you to make you puzzled? You can connect with us and discuss together.

  • Material of PCB
  • PCBA Clean

    PCBA Clean

    In the process of PCB assembly processing, we need auxiliary agents to help soldering. As a matter of fact, after oxidation or high temperature, will generate som pollutants or spots on the PCBA surface. These residues not only affect the appearance, but also affect the quality of PCBA.

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